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Having amassed, over 13,000 hours flight time as a Senior Airline Captain and Airbus Trainer,  on both long haul and short-haul routes I have been lucky enough to fly some of the worlds most advanced aircraft to destinations throughout the world. The flying has been as varied as it has been interesting. The vast majority of the commercial flying has been on the advanced, computer dominated, Airbus 330 and its smaller, short-haul siblings the A320 and A321, I was also been fortunate to also have flown the “Brown Classics’ i.e. the  Boeing 767 and 757. for a number of years.

The passengers I flew were as exotically diverse as the aircraft, From the elderly Indonesian villagers on their first-ever flight on the most important pilgrimages they will ever undertake to Saudi Arabia. to perform the Hajj to flying holidaymakers willing to lose their shirts into the desert Sin City of Las Vegas.  Karma is therefore perfectly balanced..



Prior to a life in aviation, throughout the mid to late 80s, I performed throughout Europe performing as a drummer and guitarist for various bands and artists. The music was again as varied as the aircraft I would later fly. From drumming for 10cc’s Graham Gouldman and Andrew Gold (Lonely Boy – Never Let Her Slip Away) band Wax, in front of a World Wide TV audience of 10’s of Millions at the Montreux Rock Festival to appearing alongside the Stone Roses, The Cult and touring with Manchester legends New Order as guitarist with my own band B.F.G.

Having ignored the calls for B.F.G. to reform over the last thirty years,  we finally relented and performed a series of concerts including an appearance in Leipzig in front of 1.300 fans new and old.  The concerts have been captured on the recently released live album ‘Out Of The Darkness –  Into The Light’

Another passion is music production and orchestrating and I am now very much involved with Modern Classical Artist Amelia Chain. Coldplay’s Three times Grammy award-winning producer Ken Nelson described ‘Solstice’ by the artist as ‘Fantastic, beautiful  melodies superbly played’ 

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