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“I feel like I can relate to every single moment you went through.”

“The first book was excellent, exposing so much of which a lot of us knew personally.”

“Weaponization of Psychiatry’ and ‘Weaponization of Training’ has been used by airlines and most aviation employers for a very long time.”

HUGE thanks for the support!

Firstly, many thanks to those who have already bought the first book in the series, ‘Pulling Wings From Butterflies – Tercio De Varas’. It resulted in the book remaining as the aviation Amazon #1 bestseller for several weeks. 

Over the last few months, I have been inundated with emails from readers, with the vast majority enquiring when the second and third books will be released and the reason for the delay. This post is to explain the reason. 

Many have also recounted being involved in similar situations to the one I had to face. Worryingly this was not just limited to the aviation industry but included many in the medical profession. Unfortunately, it appears that the culture of bullying, harassment and intimidation is alive and well in the workplace. 

My aim over the subsequent two volumes is to provide, via my first-hand experience, a roadmap and strategies along with vital need to know information on how to deal with and confront such behaviour.  

Hint, the first lesson is, don’t rely on, or expect, any support from organisations that, according to their PR department, profess to protect you or the public at large.


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The good news for those waiting is that part two, ‘Pulling Wings From Butterflies – “Tercio de Banderillas’, is written, edited, and ready for release.
I am also delighted to announce that CNN’s aviation contributor, author and airline pilot Karlene Pettit has written the foreword.
Furthermore, book three is now only waiting for the ‘final chapter’ to be completed. The circumstances behind the final chapter are currently being played out and are the reason for the delay in the release of book two.

reason for the delay



The ‘Pulling Wings From Butterflies’ series was written with one particular purpose. It was to bypass the roadblock placed by an aviation establishment that had “circled the wagons”. 

It is the story the aviation establishment does not want telling, aspiring pilots and cabin crew don’t want to hear and yet passengers need to know.”

Repeatedly, any attempt to hold those responsible to account was frustrated by those very organisations tasked with protecting both passengers and crew. 

As a result of the above and the resulting publicity surrounding the success of ‘Pulling Wings From Butterflies -.Tercio de Varas’, the contents of the entire three-book series, along with supporting evidence, has now been presented to the police. 

Having reviewed the evidence, the CID is now in the process of interviewing individuals of ‘significant interest’.

With the above in mind, the decision has been made that, not to jeopardise any legal action, the release of book two will be delayed until the ‘final chapter’ is written.

I will, of course, update you on the progress of any legal action.

Again, thank you for your support in not only purchasing the book in the first place but your continued patience as the ramifications of this case pan out.

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Reads like a trial in a John Grisham novel. rich in complexity as it is illuminating, with Captain Mike Simkins laying bare the prescient issues of airline safety we all ought to be aware of. ”

– Justice George W. King

Mike’s already incredible life took a jump into a world so unexpected, it reads like something out of a Hollywood movie. It’s as compelling a story as you will ever read and every word is true 

– Sunday Times Bestselling Author and Queens of the stone age vocalist Mark Lanegan

It’s a wake-up call and therefore, in my mind, every pilot should read this book to fully realize what is really going on in the industry…and what nobody wants to publicly talk about.

– Captain Martin Stork “Cockpit Coaches”

Just read the opening book, cover to cover in one day, I could not put it down, fascinating, revealing and kick-ass brilliant.

– Thomas Cook Captain

“The most POWERFUL aviation book this year. One of the most phenomenal books I’ve read in a very long time! 

– Karlene Pettit CNN Aviation Consultant. pilot and author

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part one - Tercio de varas

The first book in the trilogy begins by following the unique journey of Captain Mike Simkins from touring Europe as a drummer and performing with some of the most prominent musical artists of the late ’80s, to becoming a commander on the world’s most advanced passenger aircraft.

Ultimately, the wings were pulled from the butterfly of a dream career when, Mike stood alone to confront a multibillion-dollar aviation establishment when he refused to place profit before safety.

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PArt TWO - Tercio de banderillas

Will the pilot union BALPA and the regulator, the CAA, support a legal case of major significance to the safety of airline passengers and crew? 

What’s the reason unions and regulators allow airlines to have  ‘Cash Cadet’ pilots with zero jet experience pay them to fly fare-paying passengers?

Why do pilots agree to fly when dangerously fatigued that directly places not only themselves but their passengers and crews in danger?

What was the answer from the Thomas Cook CEO to the question ‘did the company put profit before safety’ in relation to two children’s death in Corfu.

How will a pilot with zero legal experience confront a multimillion-pound multinational?

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part three - Tercio de MUERTE

Crews admit that they are knowingly flying duties in the full expectation they will suffer fatigue. This results in two out of the three pilots of an Airbus 330 being asleep moments before landing into Manchester

The CAA is provided with irrefutable proof that duty times are knowingly falsified to make it appear they conformed with strictly laid down maximum times and that pilots are flying at the equivalent effectiveness of a drunk driver. What will be the regulators response? 

When an independent report into the  airline exposes a culture of ‘Bullying and Harrasement’ discover the pilots union BALPA’s involvement in this revelation?

What exactly was the role of the current head of the FAA Steve Dickson in the case of Karlene Pettit? Why exactly did Delta Airlines pay a psychologist over $70,000 to conduct a psychological evaluation on an airline pilot who had only weeks previously raised serious safety issues with Delta Air Lines operation.

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