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Is there a more damning indictment of the role of unions/regulators/government/judicial process than that of the sorry tale of the postmasters involved in the Post Office Scandal?

It has taken a TV drama to finally hold the feet of those involved to the flames of public opinion.  All those involved in the production, from the writer to all the backroom staff, should feel proud of what they have accomplished.

For 20 years, all those affected have sought justice to right a wrong so grievous that, due to the TV drama, the public is. quite rightly, up in arms. Apparently, there is now a petition to call for the removal of the CBE from Paula Vennells.

The absolutely disgraceful fact is even after the post office to debacle, Vennells was still offered a post at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

Is it any surprise that many doctors are having their careers ruined when raising serious safety issues when individuals of the mindset of Vennells are in senior positions.

To quote the great George Carlin “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it”


It was announced yesterday that the police would now be opening enquiries into potential criminal activities involved in the Post Office scandal. After 20 years I wonder why that is?

The prime minister also now seeks to make political gains by throwing his hat into the ring calling for Vennells to be stripped of her CBE.

Where are the calls for Fujitsu to be investigated?


Another individual caught figuratively with his pants down is Ed Davey the politician who was contacted many years ago by Mr Bates. Davey was informed of exactly what was going on. His reply to Mr Bates was the usual ‘there is nothing to see here” hogwash.

Ex-postmasters have urged Sir Ed to “look in the mirror” and consider stepping down.

We await Davey’s appearance on the TV with head tillted slightly to one side and nodding to emphasise each sentence as he blames the post office managment for pulling. the wool over his eyes. Who knows, he might even utter  the catchphrase bingo phrase “lessons have been learnt”.

I received the same bland and pathetic reply from the Conservative minister Grant Shapps (or what ever his name is this week) when I informed him about the on going situation at the CAA re their colusion in covering up criminal activity at airlines that directly places passengers and crew in danger.


I am very please to inform that the police have now completed their investigation into my claims made in a book one and the yet un published book two and three  involving senior ‘actors’ within the aviation establisment.

They are to present the details to the Criminal Prosecution Service imminently.


EBOOK £5.99


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Due to repeated demand, ‘Pulling Wings from Butterflies – Tercio De Varas’ has been reprinted in hardback.

‘Pulling Wings from Butterflies’ tells the true story the aviation establishment DON”T want telling; those dreaming of becoming pilots and cabin crew WON”T want to hear; and passengers NEED to know.

Purchase direct from the website for a signed copy.


5 in stock

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part one - Tercio de varas

The first book in the trilogy begins by following the unique journey of Captain Mike Simkins from touring Europe as a drummer and performing with some of the most prominent musical artists of the late ’80s, to becoming a commander on the world’s most advanced passenger aircraft.

Ultimately, the wings were pulled from the butterfly of a dream career when, Mike stood alone to confront a multibillion-dollar aviation establishment when he refused to place profit before safety.

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PArt TWO - Tercio de banderillas

Will the pilot union BALPA and the regulator, the CAA, support a legal case of major significance to the safety of airline passengers and crew? 

What’s the reason unions and regulators allow airlines to have  ‘Cash Cadet’ pilots with zero jet experience pay them to fly fare-paying passengers?

Why do pilots agree to fly when dangerously fatigued that directly places not only themselves but their passengers and crews in danger?

What was the answer from the Thomas Cook CEO to the question ‘did the company put profit before safety’ in relation to two children’s death in Corfu?

How will a pilot with zero legal experience confront a multimillion-pound multinational at trial?

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part three - Tercio de MUERTE

Crews admit that they are knowingly flying duties in the full expectation they will suffer fatigue. They are committing these criminal acts due to the “Bullying” culture at one of the UK’s biggest airlines.

The CAA is provided with irrefutable proof that duty times are knowingly falsified to make it appear they conformed with strictly laid down maximum times and that pilots are flying at the equivalent effectiveness of a drunk driver. Their response? ‘Get over it.’ . 

Over 1000 registered in first two days.

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