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Those of you who have read Pulling Wings from Butterflies will already be very familiar with the above aircraft.

You will also be fully aware of the circumstances that resulted in 1994 of my being five seconds away from G-OJSY being my final resting place on Union  Street Aberdeen.

Due to the industry not heeding our very clear warnings relating to the incident, the crew of G-BNMT we’re not so lucky.

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“A Shorts 360 had landed at Edinburgh Airport just after midnight and was parked on stand in light to moderate snowfall where it remained until later that day. That evening around 17:00 the Shorts had a new crew on board, and they had requested taxi clearance and were instructed to taxi to the north-easterly runway 06.

Unlike our situation, the take-off continued, initially, without incident with climb power selected as the aircraft passed 1200 feet. At 2,200 feet, the aircraft’s system that prevents ice build-up was activated. Three seconds later, what had happened to us on the ground happened to this unfortunate crew, however this time, not to one, but both engines. The crew called a MAYDAY and attempted to turn back, eventually ditching in the Firth of Forth. Both pilots died in the crash.

The official report into the tragedy stated that the airline did not have a procedure for flight crews to fit the engine intake blanks in adverse weather conditions. It confirmed that the requirements contained in the aircraft manufacturer’s maintenance manual ‘Freezing weather-precautions’ were not complied with. Furthermore, intake blanks were not provided on the aircraft, nor were any readily available[…]”

Excerpt From
Pulling Wings From Butterflies
Tercio de Varas
This material is protected by copyright.


Another example of the failure by the airline establishment to listen to my serious safety concerns resulted in another serious incident. A fatal crash at Paris Charles de Gaulle.

In this totally avoidable accident, a French aircraft collided with a British mail flight during its takeoff roll.

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I repeatedly warned  the regulators that French being used on air traffic control transmissions would result in pilot confusion. In several publications I stated it was certainty a tragic accident would ensue. Again the warnings were ignored. No action taken.  Another fatal statistic.


I have been asked numerous times why I have written the books. The answer is simple. Going the official routes to highlight serious safety issues is no longer a viable option. Airlines ‘Speaking Out’ policies and ‘Just Culture’ are nothing other than an extension of the airlines ‘PR machine’. You doubt those words? I suggest you make yourself familar with Karleen Petitt’s case against Delta Airlines and my case agaisnt Thomas Cook and the CAA.

So why does the aviation industry ignore safety warnings? It costs, money or politically. 

These are issues the aviation industry do not want exposed, pilots and cabin crew are afraid to tell, yet passengers need to know.

And yes, that ticking time bomb is still counting down to another catastrophic accident at Paris Charles De Gaul. EASA know it, ICAO know it, the CAA know it and the DGAC know it and now, so do you. 


EBOOK £5.99


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I am pleased to announce that the foreword for the second book in the “Pulling Wings From Butterflies” trilogy has been written by Karlene herself. 

The book is to be released once the Crown Prosecution Service in the UK complete their review of the case surrounding information brought to  police attention that are contained within the three book series


The year was 2016 when I first connected with Captain Mike Simkins and learned of his case that ultimately became the story on which you are about to embark. 

While these events in Mike’s life are nothing short of a legal thriller, I was not surprised at the depths that Thomas Cook management dove to sink him for refusing to operate a flight while fatigued. I was not shocked that the CAA provided management with the oxygen tanks to ensure his drowning. 

I wasn’t even stunned when BALPA stood smugly on the shore, watching the attack without assistance. However, I was slack-jawed as I read the details of this courtroom drama that paralleled a tragedy on the other side of the world, one of which I was personally involved. 

Mike’s story is not unique to the UK. Airline management is attacking pilots in the US for reporting Federal violations that impact safety, calling in fatigued, or refusing to operate an aircraft illegally. Be it a letter of warning, suspension, termination, or a fabricated psychiatric evaluation that would ground a pilot for life.


Due to repeated demand, it was decided to re-print the book ‘Pulling Wings from Butterflies – Tercio De Varas’.

The book printers however became somewhat ‘artistic’ with the back cover. This resulted in twenty being printed before the error was noticed.

Although the back cover ‘blurb’ is as understandable as the rules relating to the safety car in a Formula One Grand Prix, the contents within are not affected. 

‘Pulling Wings from Butterflies’ tells the true story the aviation establishment DON”T want telling; those dreaming of becoming pilots and cabin crew WON”T want to hear; and passengers NEED to know.

If you would like a signed copy of one of these twenty unique hardbacks, they will be sold on a first come, first served basis. As they say, ‘when they’re gone…they’re gone’. 

1 in stock

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part one - Tercio de varas

The first book in the trilogy begins by following the unique journey of Captain Mike Simkins from touring Europe as a drummer and performing with some of the most prominent musical artists of the late ’80s, to becoming a commander on the world’s most advanced passenger aircraft.

Ultimately, the wings were pulled from the butterfly of a dream career when, Mike stood alone to confront a multibillion-dollar aviation establishment when he refused to place profit before safety.

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PArt TWO - Tercio de banderillas

Will the pilot union BALPA and the regulator, the CAA, support a legal case of major significance to the safety of airline passengers and crew? 

What’s the reason unions and regulators allow airlines to have  ‘Cash Cadet’ pilots with zero jet experience pay them to fly fare-paying passengers?

Why do pilots agree to fly when dangerously fatigued that directly places not only themselves but their passengers and crews in danger?

What was the answer from the Thomas Cook CEO to the question ‘did the company put profit before safety’ in relation to two children’s death in Corfu?

How will a pilot with zero legal experience confront a multimillion-pound multinational at trial?

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part three - Tercio de MUERTE

Crews admit that they are knowingly flying duties in the full expectation they will suffer fatigue. They are committing these criminal acts due to the “Bullying” culture at one of the UK’s biggest airlines.

The CAA is provided with irrefutable proof that duty times are knowingly falsified to make it appear they conformed with strictly laid down maximum times and that pilots are flying at the equivalent effectiveness of a drunk driver. Their response? ‘Get over it.’ . 

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